Trump picks Naples for post-Irma visit


Ironically, when Harvey hit, Trump proclaimed on Twitter that it "looks like largest ever (storm) recorded in the Atlantic" and that "many people" were saying it "is the worst storm/hurricane they have ever seen".

FORT MYERS, Fla., Sept 14 (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump praised first responders in storm-ravaged Florida on Thursday for limiting the U.S. death toll from devastating Hurricane Irma, the second major storm to hit the United States this year.

Trump told state officials and first responders that his administration is trying to keep people "as happy as we can under the circumstances".

Melania Trump turned up the glamour dial to maximum for a black-tie do at the White House. "If you go back into the teens, you'll see storms that were as big or bigger".

Other elements of his first trip to Texas struck an awkward tone: the first lady's stiletto heels, worn while boarding Marine One at the White House, drew widespread backlash on social media, and Trump's comments to a gathering of supporters - "what a great turnout!" - were more valedictory than comforting.

She left her US$12,000 (A$15,000) Hermes Birkin handbag on the official jet while visiting people impacted by Hurricane Irma. White House officials acknowledged that assuming the "comforter in chief" role was harder than it appears on television.

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A trio of missile launches and a hydrogen bomb test that is the communist nation's most powerful to date. The White House has played down prospects for a major moment in the Middle East peace process.

"We are there for you 100 percent", Trump said as he toured the damaged neighborhood, promising that he would be back to Florida "numerous times". "So I hope he runs for the Senate" against incumbent Bill Nelson, Trump said.

In Florida on Thursday, Trump couldn't help but insert some political discourse into his remarks.

"I can guarantee you this - it's going to cost billions, upon billions, upon billions of dollars", Curbelo said Monday. "So I hope he runs for the Senate", Trump said.

So far - as with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey - efforts by the Federal Emergency Management Agency are getting good reviews from on the ground in Florida.

FEMA also said it had moved 3.8 million meals and 3.4 million liters of water to states in the Southeast that were affected by the storm.

About 1.8 million customers were without electricity in Florida, including 281,400 homes and businesses served by municipal power companies and electric cooperatives. Many communities are still cleaning up or without power or air conditioning.