Not a Single Living Person Left on Barbuda


On Monday, September 11, even as Hurricane Irma was performing its "dance macabre" over the other countries in the Caribbean, having delivered cruel blows to the United States and British Virgin Islands, and all of the French/Dutch Island, St Martin/St Maarten, Pope Francis restated his conviction that Climate Change is real and perilous. This was a huge monster. "The island and the people on the island had absolutely no chance".

This combination of satellite images provided by DigitalGlobe shows Codrington in Antigua and Barbuda on April 24, 2014, and Friday, Sept. 8, 2017, after Hurricane Irma.

Fortunately the storm diverted without too much damage to Antigua, which has quickly been able to return to normal life. "We've tried to make living accommodations as good as humanly possible in these circumstances".

In Turks and Caicos, Samaritan's Purse plans to conduct distribution trainings for local church partners in order to empower the church members to facilitate the distribution of emergency relief supplies.

Currently, residents of the island are housed in government buildings and hospitals in Antigua. Children will be attending school in Antigua for the time being. Sanders says that's a $250 to $300 million job.

The release said that Mitchell, acknowledged "the extremely high level of devastation" in these and the other affected islands, and said substantial global support is required to build on the ongoing financial and other contributions. This is going to take a while. St. Barts and St. Martin have no electricity, running water, or fuel.

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"They're just 30 miles from the eye and they came out with minor damage, it's a total miracle", Somerville says.

Residents of St. John's, Antigua, said that they want people to know that their island is still open for business, hoping that tourism money, as well as worldwide aid, will help pay for reconstruction on neighbouring Barbuda. It'll take a long time, but we were about to start with investors... Barbuda is both a natural disaster and a humanitarian crisis that cries out for a global humanitarian response. "We are hopeful that the worldwide community will come to our aid, not because we're begging for something we want, but because we're begging for something that is needed".

On September 12, in a formal statement to representatives of the member-nations of the Organisation of American States (OAS), I said on behalf of Antigua and Barbuda: "These storms know no borders".

"We believe climate change is here to stay - it's a reality, despite all of the naysayers", he concluded. "We, unfortunately, who contribute less than naught-point-naught per cent of the pollution of the world's atmosphere, are the world's greatest victims".

This story first aired as an interview on PRI's The Takeaway.