NGT refuses to lift ban on older diesel vehicles in Delhi-NCR


The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has dismissed a plea filed by the government to modify its ban order on 10-year old diesel vehicles in the Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR).

Last year, taking note of the "environmental emergency" caused by one of the worst stretches of air pollution in Delhi, the tribunal had ordered deregister diesel vehicles in Delhi-NCR which were more than 10-year-old. The NGT pointed out to the fact that one diesel vehicle's emission is equal to that of 20 petrol vehicles or 40 CNG powered automobiles. According to governing bodies, they had requested for a lift on the ban saying that they were not major contributors to air pollution. Therefore, the government wanted the ban to be extended to diesel vehicles older than 15 years instead.

The rising pollution levels in Delhi and NCR that resulted in many health issues for its population, made NGT to impose the ban order.

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The Centre was seeking modification of the order, which was first passed in April 2015 - stating that older diesel cars were not the primary source of pollution and that it is a misconception that only diesel vehicles pollute the environment.

The Central Government argued that the NGT can't prove that 10-year-old or more diesel vehicles are the sole reason for causing pollution while other kinds of fuel - like CNG and petrol cause pollution in different capacities.