Microsoft acknowledges Windows 10 stuttering problem, a fix is in the works


Improved boot experience. If the lock screen remains displayed for a few seconds, your lock screen personalization-Windows Spotlight, and/or status information from Cortana, Calendar, Mail, and more-will appear. Keep in mind this will only go into effect for Windows Store apps, and only applies to those you install after the Fall Creators Update is installed. However, this is NOT the final build as we're not done yet.

If your PC games have been plagued by starts, stops, and other "stuttering" issues, you're not alone.

Narrator improvements. You can now select the desired audio channel for Narrator speech output. Still, those stuttering issues have apparently been present since March, when the Creators Update launched to the installed base of Windows 10 at large.

Two factor Authentication: We are excited to announce that we've introduced a two factor authentication unlock mechanism for Windows 10 Mobile.

Applications that access location data already have to obtain user permission on an invidual basis. There is a solution to one of the problems and you can download the patch if you are signed up as a Windows Insider.

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Industry-wide, the pressure is on to prevent data breaches.

We fixed an issue where the Pinyin IME's emoji picker wouldn't load in recent flights. Application restrictions can be configured by either the ApplicationManagement CSP or AppLocker CSP. This means that we are releasing new builds to Insiders more quickly and that these builds will include mostly bug fixes. The company also noted that this change will affect only Windows Store apps that are installed after you upgrade to the Fall Creators Update; previous installations won't show these privacy setting prompts. Microsoft is now making more privacy-related changes with the upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Windows Defender ATP will also feature a security analytics dashboard view that allows administrators to compare their security posture to the recommended Windows baseline.

Finally, the company said "our Enterprise customers asked us to provide them with greater control over which data is shared with us to enable new services", so it's introducing a new setting that "limits diagnostic data to the minimum required for Windows Analytics".