Military action would mark a 'sad day for North Korea'


According to the White House, Trump and Xi "committed to strengthen coordination and take further action with the goal of achieving the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula".

Mexico's step followed a tide of global condemnation of North Korea for repeated missile launches in recent weeks that intensified again following a nuclear test on Sunday. Not only three missile tests were fired in a single day, the same was followed by another test a couple of days later when an intermediate range missile flew over Hokkaido - the northern most island of Japan - that put nearly put the entire Japanese nation on tenterhooks.

Seoul has said the North could be planning another missile test.

The decision came three days after the communist North staged its latest and possibly most powerful nuclear test so far on Sunday.

President Donald Trump said Tuesday he would allow Japan and South Korea to buy more "highly sophisticated" United States military equipment, amid soaring tensions after Pyongyang's latest atomic test.

Meanwhile, the USA is still unwavering in its threat to cut off trade with any nation doing business with North Korea. Kim Jong Un values his regime's survival above all else and knows the use of a nuclear weapon would start a war he could not win, analysts say.

Pyongyang also claimed to have developed a hydrogen bomb and continues to threaten to strike the US.

President Trump's call to Xi Jinping is part of his efforts to reach out to global leaders on the issue of North Korean threat.

"We are telling them that we will not impose sanctions, which means you will live better, you will have more good and tasty food on the table, you will dress better, but the next step, they think, is an invitation to the cemetery".

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The U.S., China and Russian Federation can't seem to agree on how to deal with North Korea's latest saber-rattling.

Even though it physically didn't damage anything, except the already battered bi-lateral ties, the move was met with much scorn by the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Speaking after the talks, the two men said that resolving the North Korea crisis as soon as possible was their top priority but they appeared to have diverging views on the problem.

A day later, Kim Jong-un was quoted in the state-run media as saying that the launch was a "meaningful prelude to containing" the US Pacific territory of Guam. The resolution drafted by the United States includes a ban on country's exports of textiles which are the second largest export material of North Korea after minerals and earns around $752 million per annum.

Experts believe that the strikes are in connection with the latest sanction it faces from the United Nations, where the U.S. played a major role.

In August, a new round of sanctions banned exports including coal, costing North Korea an estimated $1 billion - about a third of its entire export economy.

Under the new rule, no country can hire or receive North Korean workers. The measure would also scrap all joint ventures with North Korea.

It would authorize the 192 other United Nations member states to stop these ships on the high seas to inspect their cargo without their consent and to use "all necessary measures" - which in United Nations language includes force - to carry out an inspection and direct the vessel to a port.