Korea to hold meeting to discuss implementation plans for UNSC sanctions


US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday the latest United Nations sanctions on North Korea agreed this week were only a very small step and nothing compared to what would have to happen to deal with the country's nuclear program.

Mr George Lopez, a former member of the UN Security Council panel of experts for sanctions on North Korea, said that the USA should seek unity of message with China and Russian Federation in addition to a unanimous vote on sanctions.

"I don't know if it has any impact, but certainly it was nice to get a 15 to nothing vote", Trump said Tuesday during a meeting with the Malaysian prime minister.

North Korea conducted its sixth nuclear test on September 3, prompting the U.N. Security Council to step up sanctions with a ban on the reclusive regime's textile exports and a cap on fuel supplies.

The United States is attempting to "strangle and completely suffocate" North Korea, the country's Foreign Ministry said, and Pyongyang "shall make absolutely sure that the US pays due price".

The US and its allies have been calling for stern measures against North Korea following the country's latest nuclear test, its largest yet, which took place just over a week ago.

A United Nations ban on the export of North Korean textiles, one of the country's fastest growing industries, stayed in the resolution. The country vowed to establish a "practical equilibrium" with the United States, it said.

Government estimates of the yield from its sixth nuclear test vary from South Korea's 50 kilotons to Japan's 160, but 38 North, which is linked to Johns Hopkins University in the USA, raised its estimate to "roughly 250 kilotons", in line with upward revisions for the magnitude of the resulting tremor.

The measures also clamp down on joint ventures, which could stifle the North's ability to trade and to acquire capital and know-how.

United States steps up tougher NKorea sanctions
The NATO military alliance is calling for global pressure to be ratcheted up against North Korea following its latest nuclear test .

Connolly protested that Trump had branded South Korea's leader, a supporter of diplomacy with North Korea, as an appeaser.

Now, as Kim's grandson, Kim Jong Un, accelerates his nuclear program, South Korea is again targeting the North's leadership.

North Korean ambassador to the UN Han Tae Song on Tuesday strongly condemned the passage by the UNSC of new sanctions against the country, speaking at the UN Conference on Disarmament in Geneva in Switzerland. The U.S. Also wanted authorization for countries to inspect ships going in and out of North Korea which might have weapons or fuel on board.

They also reduce by about a third the amount of oil North Korea can import. An analysis of commercial satellite imagery showed more activity near the site, suggesting North Korea could be preparing more nuclear tests, according to 38 North website.

There have been signs, including reduced supply and skyrocketing prices, that North Korea has already started diverting oil products away from gas stations and other consumer outlets.

"The North Korean regime has not yet passed the point of no return", she said.

The United States and China "have two fundamentally different purposes", said Joseph Cirincione, president of the Ploughshares Fund, a San Francisco-based organization that promotes nuclear nonproliferation. "That is not acceptable", she said.

"For too long, now, China has sat on the sidelines of this crisis and attended its own interests", said Mark Carpo, chairman of the US Senate Banking Committee during a hearing on North Korea late last week.