American Horror Story: Cult: Why Ally's Shocking Move Probably Wasn't an Accident


Ivy's sous chef threateningly demands a line cook named Pedro to speak English in the kitchen, and Ally has to step in to stop the two men from getting into a full-blown fight. Sure, they seem innocent enough with all their talk of Etsy and Beyoncé, but the moment they reveal themselves to be co-presidents of the Nicole Kidman fan club's MI chapter, you know they've got skeletons in their closet. Something's tripped the alarm system back at their restaurant, and though Ivy offers to go, Ally insists that she can and that she's "got this". Though this isn't the first time we have seen clowns, the clowns in Cult are predatory and nefarious and they are the epitome of what a killer clown should be.

Nope: Every single thing Winter did in this episode, from baiting that poor kid to seducing Ally in the bathtub to leaving her alone just when things got really bad, is pissing us off. Ally and Ivy tell the police officer about this incident and he immediately asks about the worker's immigration status, in which Ivy claims he is American.

"It's so easy until it's you they're coming for!" Despite being the worst person for the job, Ally volunteers to investigate, only to discover that one of their (racist) employees has been killed and hanged among the pigs. She shows him her new gun that she obtained from the new neighbors. Kai yells, hinting that he might know something about Ally that she does not even know about herself. Harrison goads on Ally's fears, telling her, it's "the only thing that will make you feel safe again". Winter appears, suggesting wine and a bath will help her calm down. Meanwhile, Ally's overwhelming feeling of helplessness inspires her to borrow one of Harrison and Meadow's guns - any but the pistol that Nicole Kidman used in Cold Mountain, of course.

Winter may have had plans, but then the power goes out inside the house. Winter goes so far as to draw a bath for her, and when Ally's relaxing, she reappears. Harrison comes to the house, offering candles and claiming it is a terrorist attack such as the Russians or "those insane freaks in North Korea". She realized the cords in her fusebox were cut.

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Now, not only has Ally committed a murder and lost another friend, but my guess is Kai will try to use this to his advantage. When she runs upstairs to grab Oz, she has to throw one off of from the top of the stairs (and though it could mean nothing, it's worth noting: there's no thump to be heard when the assailant hits the ground).

Upon opening the door, someone is standing there. She accidentally shoots him.

In the teaser for the full season that aired after the American Horror Story: Cult premiere last week, some eagle-eyed fans noticed a blink-and-you-might-miss-it shot of Ivy and Winter in the butchery, and it was not a very comforting sight.