Modi-Xi meet: China prepared to work with India guided by Panchsheel


Chinese President Xi Jinping has said the five Brics countries need to speak with one voice to bring about an worldwide order that is more just and equitable. Days before the BRICS summit in China, the standoff was mutually called off after diplomatic interventions.

"China and India must maintain the fundamental determination that each other constitute mutual development opportunities and do not constitute a mutual threat", Xi said, adding that peaceful, cooperative relations were the "only correct choice".

Xi told Modi that healthy, stable ties were in the interests of both countries, Xinhua said, in a meeting on the sidelines of a summit of BRICS countries.

"Some countries have become more inward-looking, and their desire to participate in global development cooperation has decreased", Xi said.

"The discussions were very constructive on where the relationship should be going and will be going", Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar told media after the meeting, describing the meeting as "forward-looking" and constructive.

He said it was natural between two neighbours or large powers to have differences but they should be handled with mutual respect and efforts should be made to find common ground in addressing them.

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Xi Jinping spoke of the need to make the global order more just and equitable, for BRICS to speak with one voice to safeguard common interests, and for economic globalisation to be open to all.

Indian troops have pulled out of the disputed area, but reports have said Chinese troops continue to patrol the area.

The Chinese and Indian troops had an eyeball-to-eyeball standoff since June 16 after the Indian side stopped the construction of a road by the Chinese Army on the plateau, which is claimed by Bhutan.

India and China were caught in a bitter 72-day-long border standoff at Doklam.

Analysts said India and China had already established some communication mechanisms including hotlines between border officials and generals, and had reached agreement on some of the essential principles for dealing with border incidents, such as not firing across the border, as was the case in Doklam. China has repeatedly blocked India's attempts to have the leader of Jaish-e-Mohammad put on a U.N. Security Council terror blacklist. "We hope India can view China's development in a correct and rational way". In his address, PM Modi said that a coordinated action and cooperation is needed to deal with terrorism.

The BRICS group of five major emerging economies called Monday for comprehensive reform of the United Nations and its Security Council to better represent developing countries, as it held a summit seeking to expand its presence on the world stage.