Microsoft's Xbox One To Get Mice And Keyboard Support Soon


Since the Xbox One is a traditionally gamepad-controlled console, its games are specifically developed for corresponding control methods; simply using a keyboard and mouse all of a sudden wouldn't work - the developers would need to retool the game's core control mechanisms entirely to include peripheral support. Apparently, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg, who is the Xbox Games Marketing General Manager, believes that that is exactly what is going to happen. This latest console is promising in enhancements and performance improvements as indicated by most of the reliable reports but here is a way you can find whether a game is Xbox One X enhanced one or not.

The US branch of Samsung is teaming up with Xbox for an exclusive marketing and retail partnership around the Xbox One X, the electronics manufacturer has announced. We'll leave it a lot up to developer choice.

The news was confirmed by Xbox Platform CVP Mike Ybarra during PAX West, you can see what he had to say about it below. Microsoft has already been experimenting with mixed input playlists on Gears of War 4, and if Gears is any indication, the company wants to make sure players have a choice over who they compete against. Ybarra says that's "based on developer interest".

Aim assist be damned, keyboard and mouse support is coming.

"Keyboard and mouse support is definitely coming", said Ybarra, answering a fan question.

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Therein lies other problems though.

So while Xbox and PlayStation fans continue their talks of true 4K gaming, FPS, and overall console power, it appears that to at least some developers, the differences between the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro aren't as significant, at least during the development process.

For the next week you can purchase any $299 1TB Xbox One S bundle, or any $249 500GB Xbox One S bundle, and get an additional game for free.

The connection will be extended into Samsung's Smart Hub operating system on the QLED TVs, which will automatically recognize the Xbox One X console on connection, and will program the remote to recognize a "Game Mode" voice command to optimize audio and video settings for gaming.

The potential here is truly massive, we'll just have to wait and see whether developers bite or not.