MediaTek has announced the Helio P23 and P30 packages


Both chips support dual-camera configurations and simultaneous dual-SIM LTE connectivity.

The new chips, dubbed Helio P23 and Helio P30, are created to deliver performance and power efficiency and support dual camera photography, the company said at a news conference in Beijing. On the camera front, the former supports a dual 13-megapixel setup or a single 24-megapixel camera while the latter can handle dual 16-megapixel cameras or a single 25-megapixel unit.

As is the case with new processors, the Helio P23 and the Helio P30 are said to bring improved performance, increased connectivity, and also offers better battery life. So, now one can easily use data on the other SIM by keeping Jio in the standby mode.

MediaTek will launch Helio P23 chipset for smartphone companies in Q4 2017 targeting global phone customers. The company did not announce which all smartphone OEM's are on board for these chipsets but it is likely to be the usual suspects; OPPO, VIVO and Meizu, major players in the Chinese market.

Incorporating MediaTek's Imagiq 2.0 technology suite, the chipsets are equipped to minimize aliasing, grain and noise, reduce chromatic aberration and more - resulting in clear, crisp, high-quality images across a number of lighting conditions. The Helio P30 has a unique digital signal processor called as the Vision Processing Unit which basically boosts performance by freeing up a few resources to accommodate new ones.

The VPU can be used in isolation or as part of a team with the CPU/GPU.

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As for the availability, both the processors will be rolling out in the markets in the fourth quarter of this year and will first be launched in China.

The chips are created to deliver premium features at midrange prices, including support for dual cameras and better GPU performance, the company said Tuesday in Beijing.

The P23 and P30 are both octa-core processors and feature the Mali G71 MP2 GPU - clocked at 770MHz in the P23 and 950MHz in the P30.

MediaTek said TAS 2.0 (Transmitting Antenna Switching) smart antenna technology enhances performance and user experience, by using the best antenna combination to provide optimal signal quality.

Tried Mediatek to develop the capabilities of the chips Helio P23 and P30: the simulation engine provides a power efficient video decoding H.