How Apple plans to change the next iPhone


The new model's overall size will be similar to that of the iPhone 7, but it will include an OLED screen that is slightly larger than the one on the iPhone 7 Plus (5.5-inches), people familiar with the product have told Bloomberg News. And the multitasking interface on the new iPhone 8 is redesigned from stacked cards to standalone cards that you can swipe on.

The most notable change in iPhone 8 will be its display.

The technology firm has an iPhone launch traditionally set in place for every September, meaning that an announcement date is enough to predict all the other days in September that are related to the highly anticipated launch of the new and radically redesigned iPhone 8. The power button on the right side of phone is longer so it is easier to press while holding the device in one hand, according to the images and the people. With the removal of the home button, Apple is testing ways to remove these actions and replace them with gestures. The new software dock itself will feature commonly used applications. Instead, the status bar will be split into left and right sides, which some Apple employees call "ears" internally. The current time, which now resides in the center of the status bar, has been relocated to the left side, and wireless connection status (Wi-Fi, cellular) moves to the right. It'll have an OLED screen that'll go edge-to-edge, but that OLED screen won't be curved like Samsung's recent phones. We also already knew about the new multitasking gesture thanks to Apple's leaked HomePod firmware, but the Bloomberg report does offer some new details that hadn't been previously explained. The steel band has small antenna cuts on the corners like past iPhones to improve reception, the images show.

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The new slab is expected to be unveiled at a launch event in California - with three devices expected, two lower-end models and an an all-new, alarmingly expensive iPhone 8. The iPhone 6 line and newer have had completely metal backs. It's just that at this stage in the rumor cycle, the phones are largely being made, leaks have slowed down, and - for the most part - Apple addicts will likely have to wait until September 12, when Apple will reportedly hold its big event showing off its new iPhones, Watches, and Apple TVs.

Analysts have predicted that riding on the "better-than-expected iPad and iPhone sales", the upcoming flagship device iPhone 8 could make the Cupertino-based giant the first company to reach and sustain a $1 trillion market cap.