Practice safety during solar eclipse


If you don't have a pair of ISO glasses, there are many other different ways you can view the eclipse that the Gateway to Science on Shafer Street will offer on Monday. Amazon has been experiencing some issues with phony glasses forcing them to give customer refunds.

The astronomy education group Slooh will be offering access via their robotic telescope network, which will provide live feeds from cameras across the United States pointed at the sky in the path of totality-the relatively narrow zone stretching from OR to SC where the entire face of the sun will be perfectly covered by the moon.

Only lasting for around an hour-and-a-half, it will leave the USA on the east coast near Charleston, South Carolina, at 2.48pm local time where it will not be visible from land again.

The entire country is anticipating Monday's Solar Eclipse.

A United States map of the total solar eclipse's shadow on August 21, 2017.

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There are many places selling the glasses, both online and around town.

I'll be in the States, how can I watch it safely?

Your eyes can be sunburned or possibly permanently damaged.

From Oregon, through Missouri and on to SC...the United States is in the direct path of this solar eclipse where several states will see the moon completely block out the light from the sun.

The whole event takes about three hours. That eclipse will be visible from Northern California to Florida, according to NASA. The sky becomes very dark, as if it were night.

Mitsubishi has also signed on as the exclusive sponsor of ABC News' live coverage of the total solar eclipse and will air five promotional clips during the broadcast. When the moon is completely covering the sun you can look at it without glasses, but that is only when it is 100 percent. That is rather unusual as the surface of the Sun is closer to 10,000 degrees. Hybrid is when the distance between the Earth and moon are so balanced that the curvature of the Earth comes into play. Our area is expected to have the Moon block about 86% of the Sun.