Natalee Holloway's dad finds human remains in Aruba


Holloway said that human remains found in Aruba are being tested to confirm if they are his daughter's.

About "The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway": On May 30, 2005, 18-year-old Natalee Holloway disappeared on the island of Aruba. Van der Sloot is now serving a 28-year prison sentence in Peru for killing student Stephany Flores on the fifth anniversary of Holloway's disappearance in 2010.

The now 30-year-old admitted to police in 2010 that he strangled Stephany Flores, 21, in his Lima hotel room after she learned of his connection to Holloway's disappearance.

Dave Holloway said the bones were found while he and private investigator T.J. Ward were chasing leads during the filming of a new TV series on the Oxygen network called, "The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway".

Are you shocked to hear that they have found human remains that could end up belonging to Natalee Holloway?

"I know there's a possibility this could be someone else, and I'm just trying to wait and see", Holloway said. They are now being DNA tested to see whether they might belong to Natalee.

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Natalee Holloway's father said new remains were found in Aruba that could be hers. Dave Holloway was on Today this morning and shared what is going on now.

According to Gabriel, Natalee had choked to death on her own vomit after drinking a beverage spiked with GH8, a date rape drug. She was last seen about 1 a.m. getting into a gray Honda with van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers as they left Carlo 'N Charlie's.

In March 2016, van der Sloot appeared to have made a shocking confession to an undercover reporter about having murdered Natalee. "I thought, you know, there may be something to this".

"We have a person who states he was directly involved with Joran van der Sloot in disposing of Natalee's remains", Holloway said of the informant.

"We've chased a lot of leads and this one is by far the most credible lead I've seen in the last 12 years, " he added. He even said that he extorted her parents for money to tell them where the body was located, but he obviously never told them anything.

Each of the tips and discoveries came to Natalee's father, Dave, while filming was underway on upcoming docu-series, "The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway" - which conveniently premieres this Saturday at 7:00 pm on Oxygen, and which will just as conveniently conclude "right around the time the results come back from that DNA test".