China's Xi urges restraint in phone call with Trump


US President Donald Trump said he would have a phone call on Friday with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping to discuss the stand-off over North Korea's nuclear programme.

On Tuesday, President Trump threatened to respond to threats from North Korea by unleashing "fire and fury like the world has never seen".

Xi also called on "relevant parties to maintain restraint" and to "persist in the general direction of dialogue, negotiations and a political settlement", CCTV said.

"President Trump and President Xi agreed North Korea must stop its provocative and escalatory behavior", the statement said.

In a phone call Friday, Trump praised Chinese President Xi Jinping for backing the recent United Nations vote to impose tougher sanctions on North Korea, and the leaders reaffirmed their commitment to a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula.

He added: "If he [Kim Jong-un] utters one threat in the form of an overt threat. with respect to Guam or anyplace else that's an American territory or an American ally he will truly regret it and he will regret it fast".

"I've seen no intelligence that would indicate that we're in that place today", Pompeo told "Fox News Sunday".

But he also warned that "we also could have a bad solution".

But he later insisted that "nobody loves a peaceful solution better than President Trump".

That drew a sharp rebuttal from Pyongyang, which threatened to launch missiles toward Guam, a U.S. territory in the western Pacific where some 6,000 American troops are based.

North Korea raised hackles in the United States when it announced a detailed plan to send four missiles over Japan and towards Guam, an island territory of some 165,000 people, where some 6,000 USA soldiers are based. Japan, meanwhile, deployed the PAC-3 land-based missile interception system to four different locations. No one at Japan's defence ministry was available to comment on Saturday.

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He also said that Pakistan will always stand with the Kashmiri people "in their just struggle against repression". The legacy of the British policy of divide-and-rule is still creating bloodshed on both sides of the border.

While the governor of Guam shrugged off the North's missile warning and said there was no heightened threat, the government has issued a preparedness fact sheet. "We are with you a thousand percent. You are safe, we are with you 1,000%". He reiterated that the United Kingdom "stands shoulder to shoulder" with the United States on the issue.

Tensions between the United States and North Korea have been heightened this week as leaders from both countries have touted their military capabilities. "We are considering additional sanctions at a very, very high level".

Pyongyang's state media also said North Korea may strike Guam by the end of the August.

U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Joseph Dunford told South Korea's Moon in a meeting on Monday that U.S. military options being prepared against North Korea would be for when diplomatic and economic sanctions failed, according to Moon's office. Our foolish past leaders have allowed them to make hundreds of billions of dollars a year in trade, yet they do NOTHING for us with North Korea.

"In total, North Korea's exports and imports were almost one-third of North Korea's gross domestic product in 2015 - a higher trade dependence than Iran had in 2010, when the USA and our worldwide allies finally got serious about imposing sanctions on Tehran", Harrell pointed out.

An administration official who confirmed that Trump would sign the order contended it was unrelated to the showdown with North Korea.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said there was no military solution, and "an escalation of the rhetoric is the wrong answer". The editorial in Global Times also said China should heed its interests by trying to avoid a massive, destabilizing war on the Korean Peninsula, which is its backyard.

Trump and Macron spoke on Saturday.

Last week, the United Nations imposed its harshest sanctions yet on the North as a result of its nuclear weapons program.

"We are working with the United States and our partners in the region to bring this crisis to a diplomatic end", he tweeted.