Trump warns NKorea that U.S. is 'locked and loaded'


That controversial pronouncement out of the way, Colbert had another: President Trump did not start the dangerously escalating feud with North Korea's Kim Jong Un.

An escalating exchange of provocative rhetoric between the United States and North Korea is alarming global leaders. Threatening to fire a volley of missiles toward a major US military hub _ and the home to 160,000 American civilians _ may seem like a pretty bad move for a country that is seriously outgunned and has an terrible lot to lose.

"This legislation, which maintains the President's ability to immediately retaliate against a nuclear strike, will provide an opportunity to reduce tensions and prevent a catastrophic nuclear confrontation", Cicilline said. They are expected to arrive in the designated sites early Saturday.

In response, North Korean state media reported the regime was considering a strike on the island of Guam, where the USA has a key military base.

Asked Friday about U.S. President Donald Trump's latest statements, Merkel declined to say whether Germany would stand with the case of a military conflict with North Korea.

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Merkel called on the U.N. Security Council to continue to address the issue.

During an interview with TheBlaze on Thursday, Klingner called the president's verbal response to North Korea's provocative actions "over the top".

"I think the wording was over the top and distracting, as well as unhelpful", Klingner added.

"Hopefully, Kim Jong Un will find another path!" the president said. Particularly, Klingner told TheBlaze, South Korea and Japan are anxious about the "direction of US policy" and "the manner in which it will be carried out". And so, most administrations, Republican and Democrats, when the North Koreans say they're going to Seoul into a lake of fire, whatever their rhetoric is, have just ignored it, and relied on some underlying sense that the North Koreans don't want to commit national suicide.