Trump, Engineering Advisers, and the North Korea Crisis


The tweet is earning attention in light of Trump's own poor poll numbers during the ongoing dispute with North Korea. North Korea is run by grade-A blusterers who say insane shit all the time, so it's possible that they don't want to hit that giant red LAUNCH button any more than the rest of the civilized world. When I asked a spokesperson whether the company had thoughts about Trump's latest war games tweet, or just some general thoughts on whether politicians can use Twitter to threaten violence against other nations, I got the same response they dish out to journalists every time something like this happens: "We do not comment on individual accounts, for privacy and security reasons".

Progress Polls appears to be a right-leaning, Twitter-only polling account that recently changed its Twitter handle and has no main website. "We don't have a bigger or more powerful nuclear arsenal today", Harrison said.

On Jan. 27, Trump made an executive order to create the Nuclear Posture Review, which will analyze the U.S.' nuclear capabilities. When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, that arsenal stood at 22,217. That is a very risky situation when nobody among your ally countries respects your leader, that they do not view him as a very serious person, and more important as the interview states, they don't view him as an intelligent person.

In addition to the review of the nuclear force, the White House has also proposed a $1.4-billion budget increase for the National Nuclear Security Administration, which oversees the nuclear weapons enterprise.

Driver of auto that plowed into crowd protesting white nationalists identified
The AP is also reporting a Virginia state helicopter crash that killed two people near Charlottesville was related to the rally. The Washington Post reported that the silver 2010 Dodge Challenger involved in the crash was registered to Fields.

Only the Navy's 14 ballistic missile submarines, which operate from bases in Georgia and Washington state, continue to sail with the intercontinental weapons they can launch while submerged. During meetings, they said Trump would not want to debate issues.

Those programs, combined with other upgrades to the US strategic infrastructure, could cost as much as $1 trillion over the coming three decades. He said that if the threats do not cease, the country will face consequences.

For the benefit of his 35 million Twitter followers, he clarified that his "first order as president was to renovate and modernise our nuclear arsenal".

And he's not only destroying things over here in the United States, as we see from this story.