Tesla Model Y SUV to take on Electric BMW X3


Musk offhandedly dismissed concerns about Tesla Model 3 cancellations - orders now stand at about 455,000 compared to Musk's proclamations to the press of about 513,000 preorders - as inconsequential and that original numbers were "just a guess".

Following our USA plug-in electric auto sales report, we've got last month's EV sales for Canada too.

Tesla is about to enter what CEO Elon Musk dramatically calls "production hell", the push to ramp up production of the Model 3 and ultimately meet Musk's goal of producing 500,000 cars per year by next year.

Volkswagen has launched a Cash-for-Clunkers-like program in Germany to get its oldest diesel vehicles off the roads. In March, the company raised $1.4 billion through a convertible debt offering. S&P rated the bonds negative B and Moody's B3.

The rating agency said the overall company's "B2" rating was supported by the fact that if Tesla ends up in serious financial trouble, its brand name, products and physical assets would be of "considerable value" to other auto makers. They broke up in acrimonious fashion past year.

Chelsea boss Antonio Conte doesn't want any sympathy
The fact Conte also signed improved terms on his existing deal also laid to rest any simmering disquiet over the Italian's future. It is the best players from all over the world playing for some of the top clubs in the world.

The improvement underscores the fine line Tesla has to walk with when it comes to upgrades, Engadget said.

But even as Friday's deal seemed to be going well, many fixed-income accounts expressed some scepticism about a deal from a company that has been burning through cash. With that in mind, the company will be keen to stress the drawbacks to the Model 3 when discussing with consumers, but the $35,000 tag will have successfully drawn the buyer in.

Ultimately, the depth of investor interest will determine the bond's interest rate. These mega-factories of batteries should help Tesla in its conquest of the title of world number one of the vehicle manufacturers.

Tesla's Model 3 is extremely popular. It was 2015 when Musk started talking about plans to increase the aspect of single-charge mileage of all Tesla EVs to 621 miles (1,000 km), which he hoped to achieve not later than 2017, and then to 745 miles (1,200 km) by 2020.

"This reminds me of something similar he once said to me, many years ago, after I came back from a week's visit with my family in Canada - that his life had operated quite smoothly in my absence".