National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium to host Total Solar Eclipse viewing party


Solar eclipse glasses will be provided to participants.

The museum is sold out of eclipse glasses, but guests participating in the day's events will have two options for safely viewing the maximum partial eclipse: a community viewing party with solarscopes and a live stream of eclipse sites from across the country in The Lab and Magic Wings Butterfly House.

Staring at the sun can damage an eye's retina, causing temporary or even permanent damage.

The only safe time to look at an eclipse without eye protection is when the moon completely blocks out the sun's rays, which won't happen in MI. You know, the one we're supposed to wear to protect our eyes from the blazing sun.

A solar eclipse is a rare event, so hopefully these tips and information allow you to enjoy this once in a lifetime event to the fullest.

On Aug. 21, the moon will move between the Earth and the sun and, for the first time in almost a century, residents in all 50 states will be treated to a solar eclipse.

In an email sent to buyers of the unverified glasses, Amazon told customers "We recommend that you DO NOT use this product to view the sun or the eclipse". Other states where the complete solar eclipse can be seen are Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska and Montana.

It might seem odd that the moon is able to cover the sun because it's 400 times smaller.

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Before looking at the sun, stand still and cover your eyes with your eclipse glasses or solar filters. There are five companies, I believe, that are approved to produce these, and they've been producing them for a long time, because the eclipse has been coming for awhile.

How does a total solar eclipse happen?

In Baltimore, a partial eclipse will begin at 1:18 p.m., reach its greatest extent at about 2:43 p.m. and end at 4:01 p.m.

Astronomical society members will set up telescopes with protective solar filters and will have projectors available so people can see the eclipse up close, the news release said.

Even if it is smoky or cloudy the eclipse will happen and safety is the number one goal.

Solar filters that are safe produce a view of the sun that is comfortably bright, in focus and surrounded by black sky.

The path of totality (where the sun is completely obscured) entered just above Portland, Ore.; passed through Denver, Colo. before exiting off the east coast of Central Florida. Eclipses in the US have been exceedingly rare. Prior to that, the Southeast Coast Eclipse of 1970 was the other great chance.

On Aug. 21 hundreds of thousands of people are expected to travel to Christian County to watch a total solar eclipse.