Donald Trump to request possible probe of China trade practices


Trump's latest move does not mean any immediate sanctions on China as is being reported by some media outlets, but might lead to one at the end of the investigation which could take as long as a year.

Dialogue, negotiations and a political settlement are the fundamental ways of solving the Korean peninsula's nuclear issue, Xi said during the call, according to China's CGTN state television network.

United States president Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron spoke by phone on Saturday and agreed to work together on a crisis on the Korean Peninsula, the White House said in a statement.

They added that the trade measure would be carried out under the rules of worldwide law and would not trigger greater conflict with China.

Gordon Sun (孫明德), director of the Economic Forecasting Center under the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, warned that if the US eventually imposes trade sanctions against China, "Taiwan should not take pleasure in (China's) misfortune".

DPRK stands for North Korea's official name, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

It continued, "If the Trump administration does not want the American empire to meet its tragic doom in its tenure, they had better talk and act properly".

Donald Trump to request possible probe of China trade practices

Trump's "reckless" action began Tuesday with his threat to unleash "fire and fury" on Pyongyang. Xi urged both sides not to do anything that would aggravate tensions.

In recent days, Trump and the North Korean regime have engaged in heated rhetoric about the Asian nation's nuclear weapons programme.

The second are products that are similar to those China exports in large quantities to the US, such as steel or petrochemical products, Sun said.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says he will do everything he can to protect the Japanese people as tensions escalate over North Korean plans to send missiles flying over Japan toward Guam. "President Trump is committed to protect America's intellectual property and national security", the official said.

On Friday, the Defense Ministry said it was deploying four of Japan's surface-to-air Patriot interceptors in western Japan to respond to a possible risk of fragments falling from missiles. "The action being taken tomorrow is a reflection of the president's firm commitment to addressing this problem in a firm way".

The president appeared to draw another red line that would trigger a USA attack against North Korea and "big, big trouble" for its leader, Kim Jong Un.

"It is critical that the Trump administration exhaust all diplomatic options before resorting to military force", Cicilline wrote. "And I think China will do a lot more".

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