Utah school districts prepare for solar eclipse on first day


The app maker suggests you can instead use the filter in the app, and your smartphone camera to look up at the sun. You watch mesmerized as the son disappears and you think that this is some sort of omen from the gods. Your eyes hurt, and you realize that you can't see as well as you used to.

Granite School District schools in Salt Lake County will be following an assembly schedule on August 21 to allow the students and staff to witness the solar event while minimizing disruption, the Salt Lake Tribune reported (http://bit.ly/2wOVVUn ).

Think you can get by without those amusing looking eclipse glasses? The moon goes around the Earth, the Earth goes around the sun, we know those periods very precisely. But I will not be among them, as a 90% eclipse from my own yard is plenty good enough for me.

Bob Baer, a Southern Illinois University physics professor, will be taking telescopic images of the eclipse in Carbondale as part of a NASA initiative to collect photos from almost 70 sites in the path of totality. That makes no difference when it comes to looking at it.

There has been a lot of talk already leading up to the eclipse but here are some numbers about the eclipse you may not know. It's the only time we can see the corona, which is the sun's upper atmosphere. For viewers in Monroe County, about 87 percent of the sun will be covered by the moon. Take breaks and give your eyes a rest! But eye protection is needed during the partial eclipse before and after.

"I actually saw an eclipse when I was young and I was told then and I still believe now there's damage that can be done to your eyes", said Shaw. It is imperative that the welding hood houses a #14 or darker filter. Viewing glasses will be availabe while supplies last, as well a materials to make a pin hole viewer. If you don't have a telephoto zoom lens, focus on taking landscape shots, which capture the changing environment.

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Metropolis Public Library, Marshall County Library, Fulton County Library and Ballard-Carlisle County Library have been giving away or selling glasses, but Fulton County has now sold out.

At least some of the eclipse glasses sold on the e-commerce site are scheduled to arrive after August 21, the day of the solar eclipse. I had observed the sun before with my small telescope using a "solar filter" with my eyepiece. Light filtering through the overlapping leaves of trees, creating natural pinholes, which will also create mini eclipse replicas on the ground. This is explained further here: http://www.astrosociety.org/education/publications/tnl/05/stars2.html (link is external).

How can we safely view the eclipse? There are commercially available projection telescopes as well.

But skip the sunglasses, optometrists and experts at NASA say. For me, the rule is simple. don't look. If you notice any scratches or damages, do not use them.

"Totality begins at about 10:15 [a.m.] local time at a place called Lincoln Beach, Oregon, and that path travels across 14 states", says Alex Young, associate director for science in the Heliophysics Science Division at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.