South Carolina Warns of Possible 'Lizardmen' During Solar Eclipse


At least the South Carolina Emergency Management Division thinks so.

"This historical map is in response to recent media reports about possible paranormal activity associated with the upcoming total eclipse", the agency explains.

It might sound like an April Fools' joke, but SCEMD's warning is apparently completely legitimate, as SC has a history of Lizard Man sightings.

On Wednesday, the SCEMD tweeted out a Lizard Man safety tip, accompanied by a graphic showing where the Lizard Man had been sighted in Lee County.

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The Charleston Post & Courier described the first-ever apparent sighting of the lizard man in 1988, as detailed by then-17-year-old Christopher Davis, who spotted the creature after he fixed a flat tire near a swamp. After he finished changing it, he claimed a "red-eyed devil" appeared about 30-yards away. Davis was able to get in his vehicle and drive away, but not before the alleged creature jumped on the roof of his auto. He threw the thing off, but said that it was able to keep up with the auto at speeds up to 40 miles per hour.

The last reported sighting was in 2015. Even two police officers said they were convinced "something is out there" after having an alleged encounter about a month after Davis's experience.

The map shows where the path of totality and bigfoot sightings overlap in the United States.

Fast forward to now, and the rumors and concerns of Lizard Man sightings during the solar eclipse are such a worry that emergency departments in SC feel the need to acknowledge them. "As always, if you see something, say something", the tweet read.