Doughnut shop norovirus outbreak victim count nears 250


Twelve people are sick with norovirus in that county. The owners voluntarily closed Tuesday after health officials notified them of illnesses among customers.

Nearly 200 people were sickened by a Norovirus outbreak that was traced back to a local restaurant, and that number continues to climb.

An astonishing 200 cases of norovirus have been reported in northwest OH, and county health officials now believe that it started at a doughnut shop in that area.

The couple has owned Mama C's for 14 years and says their customers are apart of their family.

Now the establishment is being deeply investigated to find the cause of the virus.

Before Mama C's can resume operations, the health department must sign off regarding cleaning and other conditions. Now they are working to determinate if the virus came from costumers, employees, or something else.

The novovirus outbreak was traced to food eaten at Mama C’s Donuts in Maumee.   
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The novovirus outbreak was traced to food eaten at Mama C’s Donuts in Maumee. THE BLADE AMY E. VOIGT Buy This Image

Norovirus is spread through contact with infected individuals or through contaminated food prepared by a person who is now or was recently ill.

The health officials tested individuals from the restaurant according to WTOL-TV Channel 11, a CBS affiliate news station in the city. While most people recover after just a few days of illness, it can be fatal for the very young or very old, or those with compromised immune systems.

"I was texted Sunday morning about 2 a.m. or so that there was something going on. Monday morning, we came in and started the investigation and found out that at this point in time the investigation is looking to Mama C's out in Maumee relative to a Norovirus outbreak", said Zgodinski.

A spokesman for the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department says an outbreak that has sickened at least 214 people has been tied to Mama C's Donuts in Maumee. The department only posted an image on Thursday on its Facebook to protect people from the norovirus.

Some have taken to Mama C's Facebook page to reveal that they were affected by the norovirus.

An information graph on Norovirus transmission. According to Greg Moore, program coordinator with the county health department, "specimens" were sent to the Ohio Department of Health for norovirus testing and three came back positive for the virus. Influenza is primarily a respiratory illness, characterized by symptoms like high fever, body aches, sneezing, a runny nose or a sore throat. People typically become ill 24 to 48 hours after exposure to the virus, and symptoms usually last one to two days - and it is important to note that people can spread the virus for up to two weeks after their symptoms go away.

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