What Is Sarahah? App Spamming Facebook Feeds With Anonymous Quotes


Well there's an app that will let you deliver some criticism constructively.

Snapchat has integrated with the app, now allowing users to post their Sarahah links.

Sarahah was on top of Apple App Store in over 30 countries in July. According to a BBC report, this has over 300 million users already.

So what is this app all about and how it developed? Sarahah, created by Saudi developer ZainAlabdin Tawfiq, has gone viral and allows anonymous messaging. What sets it apart from a WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger is the one-way interaction where users can leave a message for a friend or a colleague while keeping their identity anonymous. It is also available on App Store and desktop.

How to use Sarahah app?

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Sarahah doesn't steal the data but websites and apps impersonating Sarahah could do that. Of the 22,000 reviews in the Google Play store, 8,000 are five-star ratings, and 8,000 are one-star ratings, with a lot of people complaining about glitches.

In the words of Sarahah itself: "Sarahah helps you in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and your friends in a private manner".

But if you remember the setup, Sarahah takes your email address, which is concealed in the app.

Of course, Sarahah isn't the first anonymous messaging app that has made parents and school administrators concerned, and it won't be the last.

How Sarahah works and How you can share it on Facebook or other social platforms? After this, you will start receiving messages from your friends who have this link. However, that person has to be a Sarahah user as well. People have received some heart whelming anonymous messages on the app, from people they drifted apart years ago maybe, or from someone they loved or were once friends with. These options can be found under settings. Sarahah, which is "frankly" or "expressly" in Arabic, serves as a platform for exchanging messages. In some cases, users might share a screenshot of the message or question on another service like Twitter and Snapchat, then leave an answer. The users can respond to the request by clicking on the heart icon if they like the message or they can even block the sender if they think it is spam. But, it does not provide any option to respond to those messages. "New messages appear in a feed on the app, which can be favourited, forwarded or deleted". As the trouble of being identified is not there, the user becomes confident in sharing the message. The sender needs to have the link to the Sarahah profile of the person he wants to send a message to.