New study reveals the best time of day to have sex


Apparently, the best time to go for a run is just before 7 in the morning.

The study asserted that sex is best had at 7.30am or around 45 minutes after you wake up. They reasoned that people have the most stamina around this time and that the rush of endorphins gained by having sex will set a positive tone for the rest of the day. As it turns out, the best time for sex is good news for people who don't mind waking up early.

Forza also found the best times of the day to do various other activities, including when to have a drink (6:10 p.m.), the best time to go to sleep (10:10 p.m.), and the best times to do your most mentally-strenuous activities (9:45 a.m.).

Engaging in sex leads to a rush of endorphins, lowering a person's blood pressure and stress levels, and leaves a person more upbeat throughout the day, the survey revealed.

The best time for sleep is at 10.10pm - allowing for 20 minutes to get to sleep and 90 minutes of the most restorative non-REM sleep which is most likely to occur prior to midnight. That is because blood sugar, insulin and glycogen levels are all lower than normal after an overnight fast.

The recent findings suggest that there exist optimum times for a number of activities, from work and sex to exercise and sleep.

They said the best times to eat were 7.15am for breakfast, 12.15pm for lunch and 6pm for dinner, adding that it's important to have an even calorie intake throughout the day.

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Snack O'clock comes most frequently at 3.30pm, when we are starting to lag at work, and 8.15pm when we are relaxing in front of the TV, so this is the best time to show willpower.

Drinking alcohol is best done in the early evening, allowing the liver enough time - four hours - to recover before bed.

The study also highlighted the optimum times of the day to workout.

Are you a fan of morning sex?

"Making small adjustments to your routine can really help you to lose weight, get fitter, be more effective at work and even a better lover", said Forza Supplements managing director Lee Smith.

And the more you have sex, the more benefits you'll get.