Tens of thousands of contaminated eggs sold in Aldi and Lidl stores


Meanwhile, the contaminated egg scandal has led to supermarkets in Belgium and Germany removing eggs from their shelves.

About 0.0001% of eggs imported into the United Kingdom each year were contaminated with the insecticide, the food safety watchdog said on August 7.

She said the move is purely precautionary and does not mean that eggs contaminated with the insecticide Fipronil have actually entered those countries. "Only further analysis will allow us to determine whether the level of contamination presents a real risk to consumers".

The lots were sent to establishments in the Vienne and ME et Loire regions, southwest of Paris, the ministry said.

In France, a poultry farm located in the northern department of Pas de Calais was placed under surveillance last week after its farmer signaled the use of fipronil by a supplier, the French agriculture ministry said in a statement.

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"Following concerns raised in the Netherlands about a substance called fipronil, which has been used inappropriately in cleaning products on chicken farms, we have identified that a very small number of eggs have been distributed to the United Kingdom from the farms affected", the FSA said. Supermarkets have since pulled millions of eggs from their shelves.

Tjitte Mastenbroek, a spokesman for the Dutch food safety agency, the NVWA, said "We are now testing chicken meat in the poultry farms where eggs were infected to determine whether the meat is contaminated as well".

The European Commission has told food safety officials that chicken meat also was contaminated with Fipronil.

The product is thought to have been used "inappropriately" as a cleaning product on some European Union farms, despite not being authorised for use as a veterinary medicine or pesticide around food-producing animals.

Eggs tainted with the insecticide were discovered in Belgium in early June. and in the Netherlands. But questions have been raised as to why alerts went out long after the finding.