HP dresses up its VR backpacks for business


With the new HP Z VR Backpack, you can avoid the usual VR hassle of cords and wires - since you're actually wearing the computer.

HP has revealed a new virtual reality (VR) wearable focused on on-the-job simulated training and collaboration solutions for professionals, created to avoid real-life hazards by virtual environments. HP also throws in a custom set of short cables for the HTC Vive, including an HDMI cable, a USB 3.0 cable, and a power cable for the aforementioned port.

VR training, for example, offers a way to simulate unsafe environments for workers without putting them at risk.

The VR market has so far been very focused on entertainment and its significant implications for the future of gaming, but the potential applications in other areas - such as product design, architecture, healthcare, first responder training and automation - are vast. Maybe a auto company wants to take customers on a lag-free demo ride, or the military could use it for on-the-job training, or real estate companies can take people on virtual tours of houses; that's the kind of thing HP believes will be the Z VR Backpack PC's bread and butter. The backpack is also nicely durable, and compliant with the MIL-STD 810G standard.

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HP's Z VR Backpack is more powerful than its gaming backpack, Omen X Compact Desktop. And now, the company is trying to bring the idea of VR backpack PCs to the enterprise world with its Z VR Backpack.

As part of its efforts to engage with the greater VR ecosystem, HP has partnered with firms like Intel, NVIDIA, Technicolor, and HTC. The wearable is untethered and its docking solution allows users to easily transition between desktop and VR mode, HP said. Spec-wise, it includes a Core i7-7820HQ quad-core processor and a 16GB Nvidia Quadro P5200 GPU.

The backpack is expected to be available in Europe come September with a starting price of €3,000 not including Value-Added Tax (around £2,700, $3,500).