Google Daydream VR Support Comes to Samsung Galaxy S8


We first found out the support would officially be coming back in May of this year with some hints that it was just around the corner only a couple of weeks ago and now today Google made it official with an announcement GIF on Twitter linking to the Google blog.

The Gear VR platform is a collaborative effort between Samsung and Oculus for Samsung smartphones.

The headset is now being offered on the Daydream website for $59, which is cheaper than the unit's typical $79 price tag.

Systems like the Rift or HTC's Vive offer powerful and engaging ways to explore virtual worlds, but are largely hard for most people to get ahold of because of price. A post on Google+ by the Google VR team advised that the update was going out, and the same is true for a tweet. The Huawei Mate 9 Pro and its Porsche Design edition, Motorola Moto Z, and ZTE Axon 7 are some of the other phones that will be soon getting the Daydream VR update.

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Some of those who are now able to use Daydream say clearing Google VR Services data and re-opening the Daydream app did the trick for them (see Reddit link below). As the rollout isn't happening as an OTA update, because it's server-side, the company has said that it "will take time to finish rolling out".

These are some solid deals on Google's Daydream View - majority are, anyway - and so this could be a good time to grab a VR headset if you've been interested in trying Daydream VR.

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