Android will finally tell you the battery level of Bluetooth devices


As wireless headphones become less a novelty and more the status quo, tracking the battery life of your Bluetooth accessories is crucial for avoiding running out of juice at an inopportune moment. That is, until now that some developers have begun working on Bluetooth battery level indicators on Android. There is a public standard for reporting battery life from (supported) Bluetooth devices, but stock Android just doesn't use it. Unlike clunky third-party versions of this functionality, it seems as though Google's implementation of this feature will include the ability to show battery percentage from 0-100%.

Most custom ROMs from before already have this.

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One of those issues which users have complained about for years is the lack of a Bluetooth battery indicator in the OS, but it seems that Google is finally delivering on that feature in a future version of the OS. In the recent Reddit Q&A Google's engineering team took part in, one engineer, Anwar Ghuloum, speaking to the feature, said, "We're looking at this and are happy to report that some of our hardware manufacturing partners already support this". So, indeed, this feature will be a welcome feature for Android devices.

We're hoping to see this new feature on the upcoming Android 8.0 aka Android O.