Old Sketch by President Going Up for Auction


Now that he's president, it's back on the market, but for no mere pittance, reports the Hill.

According to the auction website, the rare piece is an 11.5 x 9 inch drawing with Trump's signature at the bottom in gold.

None of the buildings in Trump's amateur sketch are necessarily recognizable-some are flat on top and others have triangles as their distinguishing features-but there is one that dominates Trump's imagined skyline: Trump Towers.

Auction house Nate D Saunders in NY, uploaded the photo to their website, stating the painting is a "rare original artwork" by the President.

Trump drew the sketch back in 2005 at a charity event. Other celebrities like Charlize Theron, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, and John McCain also contributed works to the 2005 fundraiser.

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A drawing of the New York City skyline by Donald Trump is up for auction.

And yes, that's supposed to be Trump Tower in the middle - although, as the Washington Post points out, it is actually the 64th tallest skyscraper in Manhattan.

The auction house described the sketch as a "rare original artwork by the President".

In the center of the sketch is Trump tower and the picture includes Trump's autograph, done with a gold marker.