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The show is scheduled to end after eight seasons in total. Did that change things? After traveling around Westeros on different errands and losing his hand Jaime finally starts to learn something about humanity and compassion. "I think he'd be quite a good king". However, it seems like Sansa Stark might just play an even bigger role in the new season. "You see (Littlefinger) giving Sansa nearly an "I-told-you-so" look", Turner says of the moment in the season 6 finale when Jon Snow was declared King in the North.

Last season, we saw the long-suffering Sansa negotiate an alliance with Littlefinger and his Knights of the Vale in order to save Jon Sow's bacon at the Battle of the Bastards. At the beginning of this season, it's about her dealing with a certain newfound power, but also kind of figuring out who she really wants to trust and where her loyalties lie - and who's loyal to her, too. And, soon after that Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) was announced as the King in the North.

After defending Joffrey when his skirmish with Arya and her friends leads to the murder of a young boy and the death of her direwolf, Sansa accompanies father Ned to King's Landing, hoping her natural beauty and rapport with Joffrey may allow her to marry him when the time comes. She revealed how the character has an effect on her - whatever happens to Sansa can affect her significantly.

It's questionable. He clearly owes her a lot, and he lived up to that and saved her when she needed it. During her imprisonment, Tyrion Lannister - along with the invaluable eunuch Varys - rules the city of Meereen in her place, trying to prove his loyalty. Meanwhile her relationship with Baelish is "questionable", but "she's considering having him back on her team".

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Because supporters travel in great numbers and how they behave when they go to those grounds. I think that's always at the back of the players' minds.

What has it been like to play that character for seven years, since you were a teenager? She had two links to Westeros that weren't going away, and they were polar opposites: Her family and the people she wanted/needed to kill.

What has surprised you most about where the writers have taken her?

'The first time I ever found out about oral sex was from reading the script.

However, after Littlefinger betrayed Sansa in the last season when he handed her over to evil Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon), she doesn't know whether he is trustworthy.