Facebook's Secret Harry Potter Spells Will Make You Feel Like A Wizard


Another Potter Enthusiast, Charlotte Keyworth, said, "We've grown up with it, with Harry Potter so we're planning on going to the studio tour this afternoon and celebrating in our own little way".

5- Back room of Elephant House in Edinburgh, a place where Rowling wrote her book, is now a famous tourist spot and you might struggle to find a place to sit let alone write a book.

- We don't know how it's happened, but 20 whole years have passed since Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone first charmed readers of the United Kingdom with its pure, unadulterated magic, Digital Spy said.

Notably the publisher also marked the occasion with a nifty digital ad in Waterloo station, shared by children's author Rebecca McNally on Twitter.

Facebook has added a fun "easter egg" for anyone who includes the words "Harry Potter", "Gryffindor", "Slytherin", "Ravenclaw", or "Hufflepuff" in their posts, the Next Web reports. Also, if those Harry Potter-related words are touched a magic wand appears and sends a few sparks. A video of the feature was shared on Twitter.

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"Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" (that's Philosopher's Stone, for those across The Pond) hit booksellers' shelves with just 500 initial prints but since then, the seven-book series has sold over 450 million copies in 79 different languages around the world.

If, today, you encountered social media, a periodical, or-in any likelihood-another person, you undoubtedly learned, quickly, that this was no common Monday. Christopher Paolini's first book was released by Random House in 2003, not long after Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, a period in which Rowling's books were undergoing a massive popularity boom. I support any educational institution that permits my cat to live with me in the student dormitory.

Harry Potter, the boy wizard, turns 20 years old today.

On her part, US tourist, Leanne Zaug, said, "I love Harry Potter".