What To Make Of Philando Castile's Death, One Year Later


Authorities have released dashcam footage of the traffic stop in which Minnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez fatally shot black motorist Philando Castile. However, the newly released video shows the interaction between officer Jeronimo Yanez and Castile as well as the fatal shots.

In a later interview Yanez describes he saw Castile appear to make a "C" shape with his hand as he was reaching for a gun.

Philando Castile was shot after he told the police he was carrying a gun and had a permit.

The officer responds, "Don't reach for it then", and Castile can be heard attempting to explain what he is reaching for.

The squad-car video shows a wide view of the traffic stop and the shooting, with the camera pointed toward Castile's vehicle. Both Castile's girlfriend Diamond Reynolds and her daughter were both in the vehicle at the time.

The shooting gained widespread attention because Castile's girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, livestreamed its gruesome aftermath on Facebook.

Yanez is heard shouting at the woman to keep her hands up.

The footage was shown at Yanez's trial, but this is the first time it's been released publicly.

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Officer Yanez calls for emergency services as he shouts "f***".

"Fuck!" he screams again as officers attempt to pull Castile's body out of the vehicle.

The moments after quickly made their way around the world, as Reynolds began streaming live on Facebook, pleading with Castile to "stay with me" while blood soaked into his T-shirt. "Don't pull it out!" the officer yells. Yanez testified that he feared for his life after Castile refused to put his gun away. Unlike Reynolds' video, the squad-car video shows the situation's quick escalation and the shooting itself. After a minute, the officer pulled out his firearm and shot Castile seven times, killing him.

"My son loved this city, and this city killed my son", Castile's mother, Valerie Castile, said after the verdict was announced. He was sacked by the St. Anthony police department shortly after being found not guilty.

Officers direct Reynolds out of the vehicle. I'm going to take your spot.

Kauser would later say that he was "absolutely" surprised when Yanez opened fire. He was too quick to pull the trigger after learning Castile had a gun, based on an unreasonable suspicion that he was a robbery suspect, they said.

Days of protests followed Officer Yanez's acquittal, with one attracting thousands and shutting down a major highway for hours. Eighteen people were arrested.