Trump Tweet on Internet Tax for 'Amazon Washington Post' Is Fake News


Trump incorrectly tweeted Wednesday morning that Amazon owns the Washington Post to avoid paying a so-called "internet tax", when in fact it is Jeff Bezos - not Amazon - that owns the media company.

He also called the paper a purveyor of "fake news" and "the guardian of Amazon", a company that he accused of "not paying internet taxes". collects state sales taxes in all 45 states with a sales tax and the District of Columbia, according to their website.

Mr Bezos was one of 20 senior technology executives who met the President at the White House last week to discuss how technology could make government more efficient and create well-paying jobs. At least eight states, including NY, are introducing or considering measures to force Amazon and other online retailers to collect sales tax from their third-party vendors or to force sellers to report their own sales, according to the National Assocation of State Budget Officers, as the Wall Street Journal has reported. But Amazon lost that battle, and recently has been adding states where it does pay sales tax. Are you referring to sales tax?

Trump's broadside against the Post came after it published an article revealing that fake Time magazine covers with Trump's photo hung at several of his properties.

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Amazon declined to comment on Trump's tweet.

During last year's election campaign candidate Trump threatened to "go after" Mr Bezos for anti-competitive practices.

Major online retailers such as Amazon fall more and more under that rule by building data centers, warehouses and other facilities in multiple locations.

The question for investors is, would Trump consider going after Amazon in order to get back at the Washington Post and Jeff Bezos? The Times ran a front-page story saying that Republican senators were keeping Trump at arms length as it tried to write new health care legislation.