'Transformers: The Last Knight' could win Oscars and Razzies


The hulking machines of Transformers are no longer box office behemoths in North America.

But after China debuted bigger than some had expected, it began to look like T5 was moving across the $200M mark overseas to defy expectations.

In an early report from Box Office Mojo, the appalling returns for Transformers: The Last Knight indicate the film has worn out the franchise power and there are signs that it might not recover unless something drastic were to take place. The movie from Paramount and Hasbro brought back Michael Bay as director and carries a production budget of $217 million.

Transformers: The Last Knight continues the trend set by 2014's Age of Extinction, which earned $245.4 million at the domestic box office and $858.6 million overseas to became the first Transformers film to cross $1 billion worldwide.

Internationally, however, the Paramount Pictures release is well on its way to another strong performance for the Transformers franchise. In particular, the movie was huge in China, where it grossed $123.4 million, making for the biggest opening for any "Transformers" movie there.

Buena Vista and Warner Bros. have each estimated that their top performers finished the weekend with $25.1 million, so until the actuals are announced later today, "Cars 3" and "Wonder Woman" are tied for second place. The film has grossed total $41 million from the China box office alone. And at $652.9 million globally, it's the highest grossing film directed by a woman, not accounting for inflation. So far the movie, which stars Gal Gadot as the iconic DC superhero, has already out-earned Man of Steel's entire run and Iron Man's total worldwide earnings ($585 million).

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Actress Laura Haddock arrives for the U.S. premiere of the film "Transformers: The Last Knight" in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., June 20, 2017. And Sofia Coppola's Cannes Film Festival hit The Beguiled averaged $60,000 per theater in four theaters, comScore says. Proving Amazon's $12 million purchase at this year's Sundance Film Festival was worth every penny, the movie - which Judd Apatow produced and "Silicon Valley's" Kumali Nanjiani starred in - had a $435,000 opening with a $87,000 per-screen average on the five screens it was released on (Lionsgate handled the film's theatrical release).

And at No. 3 is "Cars 3", bringing in about $25 million in its sophomore weekend.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie is the #9 film with $4.2 million. Lionsgate's "All Eyez On Me" finished fifth with an estimated 5.85 million US dollars in the second weekend.

Universal's The Mummy, starring Tom Cruise, has earned only $68.5 million in the US since its release in early June, compared with $274 million offshore.

"Rough Night", $4.7 million ($2 million international).

"Despicable Me 3", $7.2 million.