Trump to speak on Comey tapes this week


In the first on-camera White House press briefing in over a week press secretary Sean Spicer responded to a question about Russian hacking in the 2016 election with an eyebrow-raising claim.

Spicer now has multiple positions within the White House communications team and its unclear if the role of press secretary is the one he will keep once the staff re-expands.

"It's no secret we've had a couple vacancies, including our communications director who has been gone for a while", Spicer said. "That's like Chef Boyardee saying, 'There are days when we decided that people should make their own canned ravioli'".

When asked Tuesday if Trump believed Russian Federation interfered with the 2016 presidential election, as the US intelligence community determined in January, Spicer said he wasn't sure.

"When we have an announcement on personnel, we'll let you know", Spicer said.

"I'm not going to get ahead of where we may or may not go", he added.

The White House announced Tuesday morning it would indeed hold a briefing with Spicer on camera later in the afternoon.

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The commentary echoed points Acosta made on Twitter during Monday's briefing, in which he again accused the White House of "stonewalling" and bemoaned what he saw as "a suppression of information".

"Your whole job is speaking for the administration!"

There had been rampant speculation that spokesman Sean Spicer could be kicked upstairs, that chief of staff Reince Priebus's head was on the chopping block and that even trusted son-in-law Jared Kushner was on the hot seat.

"I have not sat down and asked him about his specific reaction to them, so I'd be glad to touch base and get back to you", he said.

Discussions about overhauling the White House communications office have been ongoing for several weeks, according to administration officials.

To make matters worse, Colbert brings up the reports that Spicer is on his way out as press secretary.

A briefing on Tuesday was left off the schedule but updated guidance put one on camera at the regular viewing time.