Susan Collins: Trump hasn't learned how to work with Congress


Facing a potentially disastrous defeat by members of his own party, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell decided on Tuesday to delay a vote on healthcare legislation in order to get more support from Republican senators.

Senate Republican leaders planned to pass the bill this week, but so far lack the votes to take up the measure.

The Ohio AFL-CIO staged a Statehouse rally Tuesday against the Senate bill, urging Portman to stop "playing games" with health care as they spun a "Wheel of Misfortune" landing on different health care scenarios they said would be affected. "We'll end up voting on it the minute we get back after the Fourth of July". "We're still so close on this deal", he said.

Trump added, "For the country, we have to have health care and it can't be Obamacare, which is melting down".

"This will be great if we get it done", he said at Tuesday's meeting. "I understand that very well".

"Several of them want more time", McConnell said. That vote was necessary to begin the process that would have allowed the senate to take a final vote by the end of the week.

"We're going to press on", said McConnell. "We Will Work Harder". The president confirmed reports last week that he had privately criticized the House version of the health care bill as "mean", even though he invited Ryan and members of the House GOP leadership over to the White House Rose Garden for a celebration after it passed.

"I think, probably, the best strategy would be to have just a clean repeal vote with a two-year window before it kicks in and then those two years have Democrats and Republicans come together and work on a replacement", Congressman Massie said. The Senate Republican bill would repeal the taxes, though not all at once. The House could try to vote after the Senate to push the bill and get it to President Donald Trump before the weeklong July 4th recess. Of course the big next question is the town hall meetings next week and if Republicans hold them.

Lee has favored a fuller repeal of President Barack Obama's health care law than the current GOP bill. And we're optimistic we're going to get the result that's better than the status quo. "I wouldn't count McConnell out yet".

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Meanwhile, Democrats on the Hill were organizing news conference after news conference, including a large showing of Democratic senators who gathered on the Capitol steps to lambast the beleaguered bill.

Behind the scenes, staffers for McConnell were trading potential legislative proposals with key offices, and McConnell himself met privately with Sen. Ted Cruz for almost an hour.

Dan Mahaffee, senior vice president and director of policy at the Center for the Study of Congress and the Presidency, told Xinhua that the Republican Party is going to have to very carefully thread the needle between the concerns of moderate Republican senators and those who are very conservative on both healthcare policy and spending.

America First Policies also plans to run cable and digital ads after Democratic senators in West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, North Dakota, Virginia, Missouri, Indiana, and Montana, a spokeswoman for the group said Monday.

The bill, he said in a statement, is "not flawless, but it is a positive step toward repairing the damages caused by Obamacare and putting Medicaid on a sustainable fiscal path".

"The Republican bill is rotten to the core", Schumer said. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters, "We know the fight is not over".

Pence expressed uncertainty earlier Tuesday on whether the bill would make it to the floor.

The group's idea: Perhaps other wavering Republicans would see the Heller haranguing and decide to vote yes. Marco Rubio, R-Florida.

Minutes after the CBO report's release, three GOP senators threatened to oppose beginning debate.