Illinois House Democrats propose 4-year property tax freeze


The Democratic budget would fully fund IL government for the first time in two years.

But, Madigan says, it would spend less than the budget Rauner introduced in February. Democratic and Republican House designees are negotiating compromises on those issues. "It will be up to the Republican leaders to take those positions to the governor and persuade the governor to be reasonable", Madigan said.

IL lawmakers are looking at a Democrat-pushed budget plan that would raise income taxes and make steep spending cuts as a way to end the budget impasse.

IL still has a trek to get to a full-year budget and avoid being the first US state to have its credit rating downgraded to junk.

State Representative Greg Harris, Madigan's point person on the budget, said House Democrats' goal was "to live within the confines" of a revenue bill the Senate passed last month.

With so many moving parts, it appears that negotiations are not showing adequate signs of progress to meet the June 30 deadline, sending IL into its third year of the historic and damaging standoff.

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The state has been without a budget since 2015. "We have 4 days, but the longer this goes on, the more hard it makes it for me" to round up sufficient GOP votes to satisfy Madigan's demand that both sides share the burden.

Lawmakers are scurrying because the new fiscal year begins Saturday.

The Revenue and Finance Committee approved the measure 7-1 Tuesday. The impasse between the Democratic-controlled legislature and the Republican governor has paralyzed the state so severely that Gov. Rauner even compared IL to a "banana republic" earlier this month because it can not manage its finances.

"The Iowa and IL departments of transportation, along with their design partners, have come up with a plan for a safe, modern and visually spectacular structure that will replace two aging bridges that date back 82 years", Gov. Reynolds said.

Notable exceptions include Chicago, its schools and 17 other financially distressed districts.

But Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie of Chicago pointed out that for governmental bodies that are exempted, existing law limits property tax increases to 5 percent or the inflation rate, whichever is less. Also, the freeze would not apply to many city governments struggling to pay debt or make contributions to police and fire pensions.