Google Changes Policy On Reviews Of Gmail Emails


While the company has claimed that it does not do the same for its G Suite corporate Gmail users, all other account holders do have their mail scanned for better ad support and targeting.

Project Fi has made a small, but important, change to the way it operates, opening up the service to those who use paid G Suite accounts rather than just consumer-grade Google accounts.

"This decision brings Gmail ads in line with how we personalise ads for other Google products", said Greene.

In a blog post on Friday, Google Cloud SVP, Diane Greene, said G Suite's Gmail is already not used as input for ads personalisation, and Google will follow suit later this year with the free Gmail service.

Greene said that Google now has more than 3 million paying customers for its G Suite service of productivity apps, which includes Google Docs, Drive, Calendar, Slides, and Sheets.

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Gmail scanned only the emails of private users, business accounts being exempted. The practice of the scanning of emails of its Gmail service users is something the company has maintained since the launch of the service. The business sector has been reluctant to trust Google and its cloud service because of the Google's questionable tactics of scanning personal emails. The lawsuit accuses Google of violating privacy laws by scanning emails of non-Gmail users.

And Google will continue to display ads in Gmail based on what it knows about users. But users have the ability to change their account settings and disable ad personalization entirely if they so choose.

Good news, enterprise users!

The move represents a major change in advertising policy.