Conservative GOP senator hits party leaders on health bill


That combination is expected to reduce the number of people with insurance coverage by 15 million in 2018 and 22 million by 2026.

The deficit would be reduced $321 billion by 2026, the CBO found, compared to $337 billion in deficit reduction in the House bill. Republican leaders also added a penalty for people who've let their insurance lapse Monday as party leaders prepared to begin pushing the health care measure through the Senate, despite a rebellion within GOP ranks. However, winning over at least 50 GOP supporters need to pass it could be a challenge.

Trump used the term "mean" during a meeting with senators earlier this month, according to reports, telling them that the Senate version should be "more generous".

McConnell unveiled the bill, which had been crafted behind closed doors, on Thursday and is aiming for a vote before the Senate recesses for the July 4 holiday break.

The Republican leadership in the Senate is bound and determined to vote this week on a massive health care overhaul that many of its members have barely had time to speed read.

None of the dissident senators have ruled out supporting the legislation if McConnell changes it, and the leader is hoping to offer amendments to win support. This forecast comes as Senate Republican leaders press for a vote on the bill later this week, and it has already led one Republican senator to firmly oppose the bill. It estimates that under the Senate's plan, 22 million people would lose health insurance over the next 10 years.

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Their concerns about the measure include its rollback of the expansion of Medicaid, the public health program for the poor and disabled.

Some GOP senators had said they would wait to issue support for the legislation until the CBO score was released. Lee spokesman Conn Carroll said Tuesday that the lawmaker will not vote for a crucial procedural motion allowing the Senate to begin debate on the legislation, unless it's changed.

Trump blasted Democrats for their "obstruction" to the health care plan during an interview on "Fox and Friends" on Sunday. The House has passed its version of a health care bill, called the American Health Care Act. John McCain said that opposing a bill because you don't like everything in it is "not how it works". We don't have too much of a choice because the alternative is the dead carcass of Obamacare.I don't think they're that far off.

The legislation would phase out extra federal money that more than 30 states receive for expanding Medicaid to additional low-income earners.

The Senate bill would slash taxes for the wealthy offering less help for working families to buy medical insurance.